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JSAI announcement mailing list

To announce AI related conferences or workshops:

We manage the JSAI announce mailing-list to announce AI related conferences, workshops, and other events of interest to Japanese AI researchers (thousands of researchers are subscribing this mailing-list) If you wish to make an announcement, please fill in the following form and send an announcement,
the JSAI announce mailing-list form :
Article format should be as follows:
  • body of article should be plain text, and each line should be shorter than 76 characters.
  • do not use characters whose code is greater than 0x7f, i.e., characters with umlaut or accent marks, because such characters might be incorrectly displayed as Japanese characters.
Since this mailing-list is moderated, the following articles cannot be posted:
  1. commercial messages
  2. including slanders
  3. messages not relevant to the activity of JSAI
  4. not announcements
  5. over-sized messages (ex. including large attachments >300kb)
  6. articles that we consider inappropriate

To subscribe mailing-list:

Announcements and topics about AI related activities are mainly provided in Japanese. If you can read Japanese articles and want to subscribe our mailing-list, please refer the instructions in the following page:

JSAI announce mailing-list (in Japanese)

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